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This is the only known photo printed of the tornadoes. The sky was illumniated by lightning, allowing Rod Gartner to get the picture looking north from North Johnson Drive. The apartments at far left at near Faidley and Webb roads. The tornado in the center, and a sister twister at left, were ripping through north-central Grand Island.Multi-twisters stab Grand Island
At least three people are dead, 134 were injured and several others were missing Wednesday morning after tornadoes devastated Grand Island Tuesday night.

Thone: 'Terrible devastation'
Gov. Charles Thone told Grand Island City Council members Wednesday morning that President Carter has been notified about the disaster and will determine if the area is declared a Federal Disaster Area.

Guards, police close city to the curious
When dawn broke, city, state and federal officials began digging Grand Island out of the worst disaster to hit the city in its history.

We went to press with friends' help
Today's special edition of The Grand Island Daily Independent was published by the York News-Times.

Prayers, luck help survivors
The couple started out for a night of bowling at Meves Bowl. They ended up thanking God for their lives at 2:30 a.m. Wednesday at the National Guard Armory.

Looming twister awes reporter
It was a big, menacing thing. It also was the scariest thing I've ever seen.

Slow low spawned tornadoes
An unusually slow moving low pressure area which spawned anywhere from five to 15 tornadoes was responsible for the devastation and death which struck Grand Island Tuesday night.

Harrowing night for trapped family
The family huddled underneath a mattress for more than two hours as they listened to their furniture and possessions fly across the rooms upstairs.

Plants hang but that's all
The plants are still hanging in the big south window of Danford and Marilyn Stout's home in east Grand Island. But that's about all that's left.

Eggs sunny side up despite heavy destruction
Patients at the Grand Island Veterans Administration Hospital had eggs for breakfast despite more than a million dollars damage the building sustained Tuesday night as a tornado swept across the city.

Hospital has little trouble
Lutheran Hospital had little trouble throughout the night, according to Jeanette Galvin.

Here's where to look for available services
While several citizens in Grand Island were cleaning up from Tuesday evening's tornadoes, others were just looking for supplies.

What to do if you are a tornado victim
The Grand Island Police Department wants people to stay out of the areas hit by the tornadoes.

Many injured admitted
The following is a list of persons hospitalized in Grand Island with injuries resulting from Tuesday's tornadoes:

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