Fifteen years
Fifteen Years Later

Fifteen years later, G.I.'s tornado scars healed
A newcomer to Grand Island would never know that 15 years ago today, seven tornadoes ripped through the community.

Tornado memories
Even 15 years later, night of June 3 remains vivid to many G.I. residents
Most events fade from the memory with the passage of time. But the people who were in Grand Island will never forget June 3, 1980.

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June 5, 1980
June 6, 1980
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Fifteen Years Later
Twenty Years Later
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25 Years Later

Emotional Scars for Young People
The Fujita Scale
Hall County in Tornado Density "Hole"
Looking Back
Caring for Patients
Emergency Responders
Children in Shock
Technology Improves
True Facts About Tornadoes

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